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The upper and lower subscapular nerves provide innervation to the subscapularis muscle. However, the axillary nerve may provide a significant innervation to the lower portion of the muscle. The prevalence and patterns of anomalous innervation of the subscapularis muscle were studied to determine if these variations increased the risk of muscle denervation(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, management of exposed hardware has included irrigation and débridement, intravenous antibiotics, and likely removal of the hardware. Increasingly, the goal of wound closure without hardware removal using plastic surgical techniques of soft-tissue reconstruction has been emphasized. Identification of parameters for retaining exposed(More)
BACKGROUND Restoration of the abdominal wall's integrity after postoperative wound dehiscence is frequently performed in a delayed fashion, necessitating a temporary dressing of the dehisced wound. METHODS The Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) system (Kinetic Concepts, Inc., San Antonio, TX) was used in 21 patients with postoperative abdominal wound(More)
Advances in anatomical research have created the base for a vast variety of flaps that can be raised in the hand. They are either based on the palmar arterial system or on the dorsal vascular system, which is fed by either perforating vessels from the palmar side or the dorsal arterial system nourished by dorsal carpal arterial network. The majority of(More)
Tissue of amputated or nonsalvageable limbs may be used for reconstruction of complex defects resulting from tumor and trauma. This is the "spare parts" concept. By definition, fillet flaps are axial-pattern flaps that can function as composite-tissue transfers. They can be used as pedicled or free flaps and are a beneficial reconstruction strategy for(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve injuries in the upper extremity often require interposition of sural nerve grafts for reconstruction. Due to the poor donor-site appearance with standard techniques, and the potential for trauma to the nerve because of poor visualization during the harvest when the stepladder technique is used, the endoscope has been employed for(More)
Many plastic surgery procedures span the divide between aesthetic ("cosmetic") and reconstructive surgery. However, definitions and guidelines may be inconsistent, which may decrease patients' access to legitimate procedures. The article aims to assist Veterans' Health Administration-affiliated plastic surgeons in continuing to provide optimal care to the(More)
Management of fingertip and thumb tip injuries has recently undergone substantial changes. The time-proven traditional armamentarium of local flaps has been expanded and replaced by a wide variety of flaps. Simultaneous with the development of new flaps, the conservative treatment of fingertip and thumb tip injuries with semiocclusive dressings has also(More)
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