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Expression of estrus after PG and before fixed-time AI has been reported to change the uterine environment, increase accessory sperm numbers, fertilization rates, and overall embryo survival. Thus,(More)
Our objective was to assess the effects of progesterone before initiating an estrus- or ovulation-synchronization program in addition to the influence of parity, BCS, and days postpartum on resulting(More)
We demonstrated that 50mg of PGF₂α on d 6 successfully induced luteolysis in lactating dairy cows enrolled in a traditional 5-d Ovsynch-72 program [GnRH injection 5 d before (d 0; GnRH-1) and 56(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effect of administering PGF at the initiation of the 7-d CO-Synch+controlled internal drug release (CIDR) fixed-timed AI (TAI) protocol on pregnancy(More)