Scott Kimbrough

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The specificity and sensitivity of the assay for beta-glucuronidase in cerebrospinal fluid were evaluated to determine the usefulness of this test for the detection of neoplastic meningitis. The enzyme activity was first measured in cerebrospinal fluid from 131 patients with various disorders and was then prospectively measured in cerebrospinal fluid from(More)
Eleven patients met rigid criteria for having both polymyositis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The patients differed little in clinical features when compared with patients who had SLE and polymyositis in a previously reported series. The overall mortality rate of 18% and the finding that 56% of survivors were asymptomatic at latest follow-up(More)
The basis of dynamic programming is described. It is a method for finding the best way to control a system when that system can be controlled by its inputs. As an example, the optimal (or best) control of an electromagnetic brake retarder is derived. In this example the current to the brake retarder is the input being controlled. APL is shown to be a(More)
This paper provides a core of APL algorithms for control system development and demonstrates their use by solving a typical control problem. In doing so it outlines useful numerical techniques for simulating dynamic systems and for solving some of the central equations of control theory. Although some sections of the paper are addressed to APL2 users, the(More)
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