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Shelley R. McCormick3
Gillian W. Hooker3
Wendy McKinnon3
Beth N. Peshkin3
3Shelley R. McCormick
3Gillian W. Hooker
3Wendy McKinnon
3Beth N. Peshkin
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Complete form by obtaining signature or authorization from offices/personnel listed. Return form to front desk in chemistry administrative office (7330). This process applies to all graduate students, special students, and post-doctoral fellows. Do you have any pending expenses/reimbursements in Concur? Date: ________ Signed: _______________________ Do you(More)
Telephone genetic counseling (TC) for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer risk has been associated with positive outcomes in high risk women. However, little is known about how patients perceive TC. As part of a randomized trial of TC versus usual care (UC; in-person genetic counseling), we compared high risk women’s perceptions of: (1) overall satisfaction(More)
Telephone genetic counseling (TC) for high-risk women interested in BRCA1/2 testing has been shown to yield positive outcomes comparable to usual care (UC; in-person) genetic counseling. However, little is known about how genetic counselors perceive the delivery of these alternate forms of genetic counseling. As part of a randomized trial of TC versus UC,(More)
PURPOSE As genetic counseling and testing become more fully integrated into clinical care, alternative delivery models are increasingly prominent. This study examines predictors of genetic testing for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer among high-risk women in a randomized trial of in-person versus telephone-based genetic counseling. METHODS Methods include(More)
Device-assisted navigation is rapidly becoming a major topic in computer science. PDAs and other small devices are enabling the introduction of navigational assistants to many different spaces. These areas are generally filled with points of interest with which users may choose to interact with. The natural behavior of users in such a space is to explore,(More)
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