Scott K. Johnson

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Ricin is a potent toxin and a potential bioterrorism weapon with no specific countermeasures or vaccines available. The holotoxin is composed of two polypeptide chains linked by a single disulfide bond: the A-chain (RTA), which is an N-glycosidase enzyme, and the B-chain (RTB), a lectin polypeptide that binds galactosyl moieties on the surface of the(More)
In the continued absence of an effective anti-HIV vaccine, approximately 2 million new HIV infections occur every year, with over 95% of these in developing countries. Calls have been made for the development of anti-HIV drugs that can be formulated for topical use to prevent HIV transmission during sexual intercourse. Because these drugs are principally(More)
The ability of alpha-melanotrophin (alpha-MSH or ACTH 1-acetyl-13 amide) and other structurally related peptides derived from the common precursor, pro-opiocortin, to stimulate adenylate cyclase activity in a pigmented B16 mouse melanoma was investigated. The peptides ACTH 1-39, ACTH 1-24, alpha-MSH, ACTH 1-13 amide and beta-MSH all stimulated the enzyme to(More)
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