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CONTEXT The outcome of patients receiving mechanical ventilation for particular indications has been studied, but the outcome in a large number of unselected, heterogeneous patients has not been reported. OBJECTIVE To determine the survival of patients receiving mechanical ventilation and the relative importance of factors influencing survival. DESIGN,(More)
Patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV) are rapidly increasing in number, as improved ICU care has resulted in many patients surviving acute respiratory failure only to then require prolonged mechanical ventilatory assistance during convalescence. This patient population has clearly different needs and resource consumption patterns than(More)
Patients requiring reintubation after failed extubation have a poor prognosis, with hospital mortality exceeding 30 to 40%, though the reason remains unclear. To examine the impact of etiology of extubation failure and time to reintubation on hospital outcome, we performed a post hoc analysis of prospectively gathered data on 74 MICU patients (47 men, 27(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine medical outcomes associated with reintubation for extubation failure after discontinuation of mechanical ventilation. DESIGN Prospective cohort study of consecutive intubated medical ICU patients who underwent a trial of extubation at a tertiary-care teaching hospital. The failed extubation group consisted of all patients reintubated(More)
BACKGROUND The need for reintubation after extubation and discontinuation of mechanical ventilation is not uncommon and is associated with increased mortality. Noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation has been suggested as a promising therapy for patients with respiratory failure after extubation, but a single-center, randomized trial recently found no(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES This multicenter study was undertaken to characterize the population of ventilator-dependent patients admitted to long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) with weaning programs, and to report treatments, complications, weaning outcome, discharge disposition, and survival in these patients. DESIGN Observational study with concurrent data(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether high rates of ineffective triggering within the first 24 hrs of mechanical ventilation (MV) are associated with longer MV duration and shorter ventilator-free survival (VFS). DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Medical intensive care unit (ICU) at an academic medical center. PATIENTS Sixty patients requiring(More)