Scott Jones

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Let E be a finite set and S be a collection of subsets of E. For each x ∈ E let S x = {S ∈ S | x ∈ S}. Suppose we choose elements x 1 ,. .. , x n in such a way that we first choose x 1 belonging to some set of S x 1. For i = 2,. .. , n we choose x i belonging to some set of S x i \(S x 1 ∪· · ·∪S x i−1). We call the set {x 1 ,. .. , x n } a sequential(More)
Is it possible to label the edges of K n with distinct integer weights so that every Hamilton cycle has the same total weight? We give a local condition characterizing the labellings that witness this question's perhaps surprising affirmative answer. More generally, we address the question that arises when " Hamilton cycle " is replaced by " k-factor " for(More)
Ocean Sampling Day was initiated by the EU-funded Micro B3 (Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology) project to obtain a snapshot of the marine microbial biodiversity and function of the world's oceans. It is a simultaneous global mega-sequencing campaign aiming to generate the largest standardized microbial data set in a single day.(More)
LiveWorld is a graphical environment for programming with reactive objects. It offers novice users a world in which graphic objects and program elements are integrated into a single interaction framework. To manage the diversity of object types in LiveWorld, it uses an unusual object system in which the separate categories of classes, objects, and slots are(More)
BACKGROUND The reliability and measurement error of several impairment measures used during the clinical examination of patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) has not been established. The purpose was to determine the inter-tester reliability and measurement error of measures of impairments associated with PFPS in patients with PFPS. METHODS A(More)
INTRODUCTION The magnitude of intra- and inter-fractional variation in the set up of breast cancer patients treated with tangential megavoltage photon beams was investigated using an electronic portal imaging device (EPID). METHODS Daily cine-EPID images were captured during delivery of the tangential fields for ten breast cancer patients treated in the(More)
  • Cristina Elizabeth Velez, Scott A Bonar, Charles Lorne Crowder, Capt Richard Woodman, Ft Huachuca, Jason Burckhardt +279 others
  • 2013
2003 2 STATEMENT BY AUTHOR This thesis has been submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for an advanced degree at The University of Arizona and is deposited in the University Library to be made available to borrowers under rules of the Library. Brief quotations from this thesis are allowable without special permission, provided that accurate(More)
  • Kevin Lawrence Brown, Acceptea Oy, Ain A Sonin Chairman, Edward Glicken, Daniel Sobek, Scott Jones +32 others
  • 2007
A new approach to robot design and control specifically for dealing with heavy loads is presented in this thesis. Inspired by human dynamic motion, we explore dynamic task strategies to create large forces by dynamically moving the internal body. This technique can produce a much greater force than the traditional quasi-static technique. The strategy of(More)
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