Scott Jason Zimmer

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BACKGROUND Liver stiffness measurement (LSM) by transient elastography (TE, FibroScan) is a validated method for noninvasively staging liver fibrosis. Most hepatic complications occur in patients with advanced fibrosis. Our objective was to determine the ability of LSM by TE to predict hepatic complications and mortality in a large cohort of patients with(More)
Dedication To Erin To Mom and Dad To Teachers v Acknowledgements I have been blessed to know many outstanding teachers throughout my life. First and foremost my parents taught me the importance of education. They are most responsible for inspiring me to pursue this degree. In high school, two teachers, Toni Feeley and Barbara Markelz, challenged me to think(More)
IMPORTANCE At the turn of the 21st century, studies evaluating the change in incidence of appendicitis over time have reported inconsistent findings. OBJECTIVES We compared the differences in the incidence of appendicitis derived from a pathology registry versus an administrative database in order to validate coding in administrative databases and(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic studies of alcoholic hepatitis (AH) have been hindered by the lack of a validated International Classification of Disease (ICD) coding algorithm for use with administrative data. Our objective was to validate coding algorithms for AH using a hospitalization database. METHODS The Hospital Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) was used(More)
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