Scott Jarvis

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This paper reports our contribution to the 2013 NLI Shared Task. The purpose of the task was to train a machine-learning system to identify the native-language affiliations of 1,100 texts written in English by nonnative speakers as part of a high-stakes test of general academic English proficiency. We trained our system on the new TOEFL11 corpus, which(More)
comparative and combined contributions of N-grams, Coh-Metrix indices, and error types in the L1 classification of learner texts. In S. Jarvis and S. A. Crossley (Eds.), Approaching language transfer through text classification: Approaching Language Transfer through Text Classification: Explorations in the Detection-Based Approach.
The authors present a model of lexical proficiency based on lexical indices related to vocabulary size, depth of lexical knowledge, and accessibility to core lexical items. The lexical indices used in this study come from the computational tool Coh-Metrix and include word length scores, lexical diversity values, word frequency counts, hypernymy values,(More)
The effect of animation and concreteness of visuals on immediate recall and long-term comprehension when learning the basic principles and laws of motion. & Lexical proficiency, as a cognitive construct, is poorly understood. However, lexical proficiency is an important element of language proficiency and fluency, especially for second language (L2)(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors aim to quantify the extent, and to assess student perception, of alcohol and tobacco use among medical students at the University of Calgary, and the relationship of these attitudes to problem drinking (according to the CAGE questionnaire). METHODS A questionnaire was distributed to first-, second-, and third-year medical students(More)
  • David Schumacher, David, John C Steiger, Alvarado-Ramos, Alfie Batiste, John Bellon +40 others
  • 2013
In response to your June 12 email/memo, after a review of the four categories of essential services, my conclusion is that none of the activities of the Caseload Forecast Council fall under the rubric of " Essential Services. " So in the event of the budget not being passed by June 30, we will cease any expenditure of state funds effective July 1, 2013. As(More)
  • Allison Beeby, Carmen Muñoz, Martha Pennington, Carmen Pérez, Vidal, Pompèu Fabra +9 others
  • 2009
VIAL is an international and peer-reviewed journal which is indexed and abstracted in CINDOC (Centro de Información y Documentación Científica), ERIH Abstract This paper clarifies the meaning and scope of the Conceptual Transfer Hypothesis, explores its historical roots, and shows how it relates to but also differs from the Thinking for Speaking Hypothesis(More)
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