Scott J S Steele

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The imprinted gene cluster at the telomeric end of mouse chromosome 7 contains a differentially methylated CpG island, KvDMR, that is required for the imprinting of multiple genes, including the genes encoding the maternally expressed placental-specific transcription factor ASCL2, the cyclin-dependent kinase CDKN1C, and the potassium channel KCNQ1. The(More)
There are few, if any data on the long-term outcome of feminising genital surgery for children with ambiguous genitalia. We present a retrospective study of cosmetic and anatomical outcomes in 44 adolescent patients who had ambiguous genitalia in childhood and underwent feminising genital surgery. Cosmetic result was judged as poor in 18 (41%) of these(More)
Prognostic factors were studied in 770 cases of carcinoma of the ovary treated at Radiumhemmet during 1974 to 1979. Centralization of the treatment in a well-defined population with complete follow-up permits a nonselective study of the disease. The analysis was made separately for early and late stages. For the early cases, histology and grading were the(More)
The imprinted gene cluster on mouse distal chromosome 7 contains a differentially methylated CpG island that maps within the Kcnq1 gene that has been shown to be required for the imprinting of multiple genes. To evaluate models for how this imprinting control region (ICR) regulates imprinting, we have characterized it structurally and functionally. We show(More)
A perennial concern when using donated gametes in infertility treatment is the effect on the child and his/her family of the traditional anonymity of the donor, and of the secrecy of the procedure. As all involved, from potential parents to carers, wish to maximize the 'welfare of the child' born of gamete donation, conflicting attitudes, sometimes(More)
Results of treatment of 52 patients with amenorrhoea associated with hyperprolactinaemia are presented. All patients had a detailed radiological examination of the pituitary fossa, including lateral tomography in every patient and air encephalography in those in whom a pituitary tumour was suspected. There were 17 patients with untreated pituitary tumours,(More)