Scott J. Mason

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Electronic commerce and associated business-to-business transaction capabilities have changed the way in which the supply chain operates. The Internet has enabled information exchange on an unprecedented scale, often at a pace too fast for normal consumption. Companies are not equipped to make effective use of data from warehouse and transportation(More)
This paper deals with a single-machine scheduling problem with multiple orders per job (MOJ) considerations. Both lot processing machines and item processing machines are also examined. There are two primary decisions that must be made in the proposed problem: (1) how to group the orders together, and (2) how to schedule the jobs once they are formed. In(More)
Cryptococcus neoformans is an ubiquitously occurring encapsulated fungus that is commonly found in the environment. It is also an opportunistic pathogen that has potential to cause systemic fungal infection, predominantly in the immunocompromised host with cell-mediated immunological defects. Cryptococcal tenosynovitis is an extremely rare condition, with(More)
This paper describes how a large number of products are scheduled to run in parallel on a pool of wire-bond machines to meet weekly demand. We seek to maximize demand fulfillment subject to system constraints. The schedule is generated by a simulation engine and used to control the machines at execution time and also to plan for the start of material. By(More)