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The diabetic dog represents an excellent model for use in many aspects of diabetic research. The present paper describes, in detail, a reproducible experimental protocol for the successful induction of chemical diabetes in beagles using a combination of the 2 pancreatic beta-cell cytoxic agents alloxan and streptozotocin.
The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of the lymphatic circulation to blood volume and plasma protein restitution after hemorrhage. Splenectomized sheep were prepared with thoracic duct and vascular catheters. The day after surgery, thoracic duct lymph flow, thoracic duct lymph protein, plasma protein, mean arterial pressure, and blood(More)
Online prescription filling possesses great market potential; however, consumers’ perception of uncertainty tends to impede their adoption of online prescription filling. Trust is recognized as a critical factor affecting online shopping in general. We contend that trust can help consumers overcome perceived uncertainty, thereby enhancing their intention to(More)
Software patterns are used to facilitate the reuse of object-oriented designs. While most Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools support the use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) (Alhir & Oram, 1998) to extract the design from the software engineer and assist in development, most do not provide assistance in the integration and code generation of(More)
Lymphatic vessels have the ability to contract and transport liquid and protein from tissue spaces to the intravascular space. The purpose of this investigation was to test whether this lymph pump is stimulated following a fixed volume hemorrhage in awake sheep. To quantitate lymphatic pumping in vivo, a mesenteric lymphatic was isolated from all lymph(More)
The article presents Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) as an overdue individualized as well as a collaborative approach for knowledge workers. Designing a PKM-supporting system, however, resembles a so-called “wicked” problem (ill-defined; incomplete, contradictory, changing requirements, complex interdependencies) where the information needed to(More)
Administration of Brom-ergocryptine (CB-154) has a dramatic effect on breast secretion. Inhibition of lactation occurs within three to four weeks in women with amenorrhea and galactorrhea. Resumption of normal ovulatory function was documented by serum progesterone levels, as well as pregnancy, in three of four women attempting to conceive. Serum prolactin(More)