Scott J. Daly

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New imaging and rendering systems commonly use physically accurate lighting information in the form of highdynamic range (HDR) images and video. HDR images contain actual colorimetric or physical values, which can span 14 orders of magnitude, instead of 8-bit renderings, found in standard images. The additional precision and quality retained in HDR visual(More)
A model describing the envelope of visual spatial sensitivity as a function of retinal velocities has been revisited. This spatiovelocity CSF model has been extended to include the effects of three types of eye movements: natural drift. smooth pursuit, and saccadic. Together. these extend the model from retinal velocities to image plane velocities in the(More)
We propose a tone mapping operator that can minimize visible contrast distortions for a range of output devices, ranging from e-paper to HDR displays. The operator weights contrast distortions according to their visibility predicted by the model of the human visual system. The distortions are minimized given a display model that enforces constraints on the(More)
In this paper, we review the various tools in JPEG-2000 that allow the users to take advantages of the various properties of the human visual system such as spatial frequency sensitivity and the visual masking effect. We show that the visual tool sets in JPEG-2000 are much richer than what was available in JPEG, where only locally invariant frequency(More)
We have studied the temporal information processing of turtle cones in steady states of light adaptation using intracellular recording techniques. We measured the linear range incremental sensitivity of cones as a function of the stimulus duration. Linear range incremental sensitivity is a function of the background intensity. It is also proportional to the(More)
Recent advances in the design of high dynamic range (HDR) monitors enable the display of images having a large dynamic range, close to that encountered in the real world. As their usage will increase, we will be confronted with the problem of rerendering images that have been mapped to standard dynamic range (SDR) displays so that they look natural on HDR(More)
The human visual system plays a key role in the final perceived quality of the compressed images. It is therefore desirable to allow system designers and users to take advantage of the current knowledge of visual perception and models in a compression system. In this paper, we review the various tools in JPEG-2000 that allow its users to exploit many(More)