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Rabies virus found worldwide and prevalent throughout the United States continues to be a public health concern. Direct-fluorescent antibody (DFA) detection remains the gold standard for rabies virus diagnostics. Assessing the utility of a high-throughput molecular platform such as the QIAsymphony SP/AS, in conjunction with quantitative reverse(More)
BACKGROUND The Molecular Virology Proficiency Testing Program at the Wadsworth Center began the assembly and distribution of influenza virus panels to US public health labs (PHLs) in 2008. The program was created to assist PHLs in assessing their performance and in meeting CLIA regulations for mandated proficiency testing (PT). OBJECTIVES To design and(More)
Maintaining a healthy, continuous immortalized cell line is essential for rabies laboratories that perform virus isolation assays and test for the presence of viral neutralizing antibodies. Individuals who routinely work with rabies virus, such as rabies laboratory employees, or those who may have a high potential for exposure to rabies virus, including(More)
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