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The fibromyalgia problem.
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Using Simple Neural Networks to Correct Errors in Optical Data Transmission.
We have demonstrated the applicability of neural-network-based systems to the problem of reducing the effects of signal distortion, and shown that such a system has the potential to reduce the bit error-rate in the digitized version of the analogue electrical signal derived from an optical data stream by a substantial margin over existing techniques. Expand
Iao: The New Adaptive Optics Visible Imaging and Photometric System for AEOS
We describe the Iao camera system, the current state of progress, and the plans for integration of the new system into AEOS. Expand
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Structures and methods for forming trench field-effect transistors with a high density
A semiconductor structure comprises trenches extending into a semiconductor region. Portions of the semiconductor region extending between adjacent trenches and mesa regions form from. In each trenchExpand