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The “entanglement of formation” of a mixed state of a bipartite quantum system can be defined in terms of the number of pure singlets needed to create the state with no further transfer of quantum information. We find an exact formula for the entanglement of formation for all mixed states of two qubits having no more than two non-zero eigenvalues, and we(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether age-related mitochondrial DNA mutations occur in the human larynx. STUDY DESIGN Genetic study of cadaveric larynx specimens. METHODS Vocal fold mucosa, thyroarytenoid muscle, and cricoarytenoidjoint tissue were harvested from 13 fresh postmortem larynges (age range, 2 d-82 y). DNA was extracted from each sample, and the(More)
Tracheal agenesis (TA) is a rare congenital anomaly that typically has fatal consequences. Its rarity, lack of prenatal symptoms, and emergent presentation usually lead to a failure to arrive at the correct diagnosis and manage the airway properly before the onset of irreversible cerebral anoxia. We report the case history of an infant born with immediate(More)
This research examined the question of whether perceptions of media as inferior to face to face are socially or technologically determined. It takes advantage of a recently developed asynchronous videoconferencing system to compare the perceptions and outcomes of group projects done in a multi-cue asynchronous media to those of face to face groups.(More)
  • Scott A Hill
  • Journal of healthcare protection management…
  • 2011
The reluctance of many hospitals today to invest money and resources into security and safety while at the same time promoting customer good will is a fallacy that has to be corrected, according to the author. He demonstrates how high customer satisfaction scores, as well as regulatory compliance, can only be achieved if a hospital takes the steps necessary(More)
  • Scott A Hill
  • Journal of healthcare protection management…
  • 2008
Predictions are that the time is not far off when hospitals will be completely tobacco free, removing smoking kiosks and abolishing designated smoking areas. Achieving this goal will not be easy and will require support from the top down, dedicated program participants, and well-formulated plans and their implementation, according to the author, who(More)
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