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Agricultural Media Coverage of Farm Safety: Review of the Literature
ABSTRACT Agricultural media merit increased attention in addressing dynamic changes in safety aspects of one of the nation’s most hazardous industries. Changes in farming, such as larger-scale, newExpand
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Establishing a publicly available national database of US news articles reporting agriculture‐related injuries and fatalities
BACKGROUND The AgInjuryNews system and dataset are a news report repository and information source for agricultural safety professionals, policymakers, journalists, and law enforcement officials. Expand
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Lessons Learned From the Child Agricultural Labor Law Debate
  • Scott Heiberger
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Journal of agromedicine
  • 20 September 2012
What happened? That was the question asked by stunned safety and health professionals after the withdrawal of proposed updates to the federal labor laws (Agricultural Child Labor HazardousExpand
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Looking for Lessons in the Child Agricultural Labor Law Dust-up
We depart, with this editorial, from a tradition of commenting on the Journal of Agromedicine’s current content. Instead, we will discuss the recent juxtaposition of events which have implicationsExpand
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How Agricultural Media Cover Safety Compared with Periodicals in Two Other Hazardous Industries.
This analysis featured a uniquely broad look at challenges and potentials for engaging agricultural and other industrial media more effectively in covering safety. It involved a content analysis ofExpand
JA:2021-24. Telling the Story – Using Storytelling to Disseminate Agricultural Safety and Health Messaging
ABSTRACT Purpose: Narrative is perhaps the most basic mode of human interaction and a fundamental way of delivering knowledge. Narratives influence attitudes and change behaviors. NIOSH-fundedExpand
Fitting Farm Safety into Risk Communications Teaching, Research and Practice
New safety challenges are emerging as agriculture evolves within the complexity of serving a growing world population. The nation’s most hazardous industry is struggling to provide safe workingExpand
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