Scott Heath

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RatSLAM is a navigation system based on the neural processes underlying navigation in the rodent brain, capable of operating with low resolution monocular image data. Seminal experiments using RatSLAM include mapping an entire suburb with a web camera and a long term robot delivery trial. This paper describes OpenRatSLAM, an open-source version of RatSLAM(More)
BACKGROUND A computer-based learning experience was developed using cognitive flexibility theory to overcome the pitfalls often encountered in existing medical education. An earlier study (not published) showed significant pretest-posttest increase in scores, as well as a significant positive correlation between choosing to complete the module individually(More)
OBJECTIVE Surface magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for aortic plaque assessment is limited by the trade-off between penetration depth and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). For imaging the deep seated aorta, a combined surface and transesophageal MRI (TEMRI) technique was developed 1) to determine the individual contribution of TEMRI and surface coils to the(More)