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File carving is the process of reassembling files from disk fragments based on the file content in the absence of file system metadata. By leveraging both file header and footer pairs, traditional file carving mainly focuses on document and image files such as PDF and JPEG. With the vast amount of malware code appearing in the wild daily, recovery of binary(More)
Cloud Computing allows resource usage based on needs of the business customers. In this paper, we present an autonomous management system that uses virtualization technology to allocate data center resources effectively based on application demands that supports green computing to save energy used by optimizing the number of servers in use. We implement the(More)
The virtualization gives the power of partitioning the physical host in to multiple virtual machines. We can manage the number of active host and their power consumption by migrating the virtual machines according to their resource requirement and current status on that particular host. Service level agreement is the main thing and essential one for giving(More)
Cloud computing allows the all users to upload and download the resources as per their need. For allocating the resources cloud uses the virtualization concept. It allocates the data center resource to users on demand and minimizes the number of servers. If a load on server increases at that time user cannot get the required result within a time. For that(More)
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