Scott H. Goodwin

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The organization of chromosomes into territories plays an important role in a wide range of cellular processes, including gene expression, transcription, and DNA repair. Current understanding has largely excluded the spatiotemporal dynamic fluctuations of the chromatin polymer. We combine in vivo chromatin motion analysis with mathematical modeling to(More)
Using organically synthesized hydroxyalkanoate coenzyme A thioesters, the activities of two short-chain polyhydroxalkanoate (PHA) synthases were investigated – Ralstonia eutropha PHA synthase (a type I PHA synthase) and Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii PHA synthase (a type III synthase). The results indicate that the two synthases have similar activities(More)
In this work the physical and electrical properties of metal-insulator-semiconductor devices using an electrografted insulator were characterized, including breakdown voltage, flat band capacitance and effective trap density and compared with reference thermal oxide layers. In addition, direct Cu plating on ALD barrier and seed layer into high aspect ratio(More)
We report successful implementation of high-density 3D integration technology in the fabrication of advanced mixedsignal processors for infrared focal plane arrays. Separate analog and digital integrated circuits (ICs) were custom designed and fabricated in standard bulk CMOS technology in two different commercial foundries. The 3D interconnects were(More)
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