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Diffusible factors of several protein families control appendage outgrowth and patterning in both insects and vertebrates. In Drosophila wing development, the gene decapentaplegic (dpp) is expressed along the anteroposterior compartment boundary. Early wingless (wg) expression is involved in setting up the dorsoventral boundary. Interaction between dpp- and(More)
Antisera against vertebrate calcium-binding proteins cross-react with Drosophila nervous and muscle tissue. We have used an antiserum against carp parvalbumin to isolate from a Drosophila head cDNA library immunopositive expression clones. Tissue in situ hybridization identified a clone that labeled specific neurons and muscles similar to the(More)
MDR1/ABCB1, MRP2/ABCC2, and breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP)/ABCG2 are expressed in the liver and intestine and contribute to the disposition of many drugs. Rosuvastatin, a 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibitor for the treatment of patients with dyslipidemia, is primarily excreted via bile as unchanged drug. The present study was(More)
T-box genes, in all metazoans studied from nematode to man, exist in small gene families. They encode transcription factors with a novel, large, and highly conserved DNA binding domain termed the T-domain. In all cases studied, T-box genes have important developmental roles. Two familial diseases, Holt-Oram syndrome and ulnar-mammary syndrome, were recently(More)
The tc-responsive TetR protein allows the investigation of various transcriptional activators in respective fusion proteins. We have fused eight well-known human activator domains to the C-terminus of TetR and determined the properties of the resulting transactivators using a tetracycline-responsive promoter in three human cell lines (HeLa, BJAB, and(More)
Isolating plasmid DNA from bacteria is a fundamental step in molecular biology. It is often accomplished by an alkaline lysis of bacteria and the subsequent adsorption of nucleic acids to silica oxide in the presence of chaotropic substances. Here we show that the addition of such chaotropic reagents is not required for the efficient DNA isolation with(More)
There is a long history of using logic to model the interpretation of indirect speech acts. Classical logical inference, however , is unable to deal with the combinations of disparate, conflicting, uncertain evidence that shape such speech acts in discourse. We propose to address this by combining logical inference with proba-bilistic methods. We focus on(More)
The driving forces behind variation in the dative construction have stood as a puzzle both from the point of view of child language acquisition and in the theoretical syntactic literature addressing adult production. One line of thought attributes these choices to lexical meaning differences among dative verbs ((Gropen et al., 1989) for children; (Green,(More)