Scott Froberg

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Over the past 3 decades, parallel processing and distributed computing have emerged as a well-developed field in computer science and information technology. Many universities and colleges are now offering standard courses in this field. However, the instructors and students are still in search of a comprehensive textbook that integrates computing theories(More)
Most people in the computer industry have heard of Cloud Computing. One of the big problems with Cloud Computing is that by definition the user has no idea, and should not, know where their information is being stored. This has raised a lot of information security concerns with Cloud Computing. Enter Private Cloud Computing. This is where the end user or(More)
The book's scope encompasses a broad range of topics in this research area including use case, functional, regression, object oriented and web application testing. The author states in the preface his intended audience is a college level software testing class or as a reference for college faculty or professionals. I see this book's value being used for a(More)
Programming Perl, Fourth Edition is the long awaited update to the book that has become, arguably, the reference for the Perl programming language. The third edition was released in 2000 with Perl version 5.6 as the point of reference. For the fourth edition, the authors reference Perl version 5.14. The authors kept the same basic framework of the third(More)
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