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New protein parameters are reported for the all-atom empirical energy function in the CHARMM program. The parameter evaluation was based on a self-consistent approach designed to achieve a balance between the internal (bonding) and interaction (nonbonding) terms of the force field and among the solvent-solvent, solvent-solute, and solute-solute(More)
Orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelets became very popular image processing tools but exhibit major drawbacks, namely a poor resolution in orientation and the lack of translation invariance due to aliasing between subbands. We propose here the construction of log-Gabor wavelet transforms which allow exact reconstruction and strengthen the excellent(More)
In this work an enhanced approach to 3D process modeling using mixed element meshes followed by tetrahedralization and small signal device simulation by Fielday is presented. This methodology is then used to analyze and predict the effects of various substrate isolation schemes on substrate noise coupling. Experimental results are used to calibrate and(More)
and of six signals in the I3C-NMR spectrum (Table 1) is consistent with a molecular structure with DZh symmetry and delocalized n-electron system. This is confirmed by the X-ray structure analysis,"" which reveals a planar ring system with inversion center for 10 (Fig. 1). The maximum distance of the ring-C atoms from the mean plane is k 1.5 pm. The(More)
Here we describe a new hyperpolarization approach for magnetic resonance imaging applications at 1.5 T. Proton signal enhancements of more than 20 were achieved with a newly designed multimode microwave resonator situated inside the bore of the imager and used for Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization of the water proton signal. Different from other(More)
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