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Microergometry is a method which we have developed as a tool to measure local mesh-tension within the myocardial weave at any measuring site of both ventricles and the septum on the beating heart in situ. In a mapping procedure on pig and dog hearts, both in control conditions and in the hypertrophied state after aortic banding, local mesh-tension was(More)
An amperometric lactate oxidase catheter has been developed for in vivo application to real-time lactate monitoring. The electrochemical behaviour of the 1 x 3 mm Pt-Ag/AgCl thin film electrode is not significantly influenced by lactate oxidase-polyurethane covering. Gamma-irradiation (25 kGy) is suitable for the sterilization procedure. The final lactate(More)
OBJECTIVE Controversy exists as to whether high-frequency oscillatory ventilation can be used on babies and small laboratory animals only, or whether high-frequency oscillatory ventilation can also be efficient in the adult patient and large (> 65 kg body weight) laboratory animals. Moreover, controversy exists as to whether limitations in high-frequency(More)
This study analyzed the relationships between isometric as well as concentric maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) strength of the leg muscles and the times as well as speeds over different distances in 17 young short track speed skaters. Isometric as well as concentric single-joint MVC strength and multi-joint MVC strength in a stable (without skates) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between insertion torque and the survival rate of immediately loaded implants placed in the maxilla. METHODS 390 NobelReplace (Nobel Biocare USA, Yorba Linda, CA) Select Tapered implants were placed in the maxillae of 145 patients over a 15-month period. The insertion torque was measured using a digital torque wrench.(More)
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