Scott Eadie

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Although the ophthalmic lesions which constitute kerato-conjunctivitis sicca have long been known, the nature of the condition has remained obscure. Duke-Elder (1930) reviewed those rare cases in which lesions of the lacrimal secretary nerves or of the gland parenchyma (including congenital aplasia, surgical extirpation, infiltrations by sarcoid, leu-kaemic(More)
IN 1955 one of us (H. E. H.) saw a patient in whom the complaint of haloes arose from deposits in the corneal epithelium resembling those described by Mann (1947) in workers engaged in the manufacture of atebrine. This patient was at that time under treatment for actinic dermatitis with chloroquine and the similarity of the corneal changes to those(More)
PRIMARY tuberculosis of the conjunctiva is a rare condition, the existence of which was for long open to question. It has, however, now been shown that the disease can be produced experimentally (Igersheimer, 1922) and later reports have established its clinical occurrence. (Blevgad, 1933; Bruce and Locatcher-Khorazo, 1947). Since the advent of antibiotics,(More)
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