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CONTEXT No randomized trials have examined treatments for prescription opioid dependence, despite its increasing prevalence. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of brief and extended buprenorphine hydrochloride-naloxone hydrochloride treatment, with different counseling intensities, for patients dependent on prescription opioids. DESIGN Multisite,(More)
Most treatment studies of opioid-dependent populations have focused predominantly on heroin users, despite a recent increase in those dependent upon prescription opioids. A key methodological challenge involved in studying the latter group involves defining the population. Specifically, researchers must decide whether to include (1) concurrent heroin users(More)
Mice transgenic for gamma 2b Ig heavy chain were examined for alterations in B-cell differentiation and endogenous Ig gene rearrangement and expression. Fresh bone marrow from these mice was markedly reduced in BP-1+ cells and there were small reductions in B220+ and sIg+ cells. A-MuLV (Abelson murine leukemia virus) transformants from these bone marrow(More)
OBJECTIVE Benchmarks, representing the level of performance achieved by the best-performing providers, can be used to set achievable goals for improving care, but they have not heretofore been available for mental health care. This article describes the application of a method for developing statistical benchmarks for 12 process measures of quality of care(More)
The onset of psychosis is the consequence of complex interactions between genetic vulnerability to psychosis and response to environmental and/or maturational changes. Epigenetics is hypothesized to mediate the interplay between genes and environment leading to the onset of psychosis. We believe we performed the first longitudinal prospective study of(More)
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