Scott E. Mottarella

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Binding hot spots, protein sites with high-binding affinity, can be identified using X-ray crystallography or NMR by screening libraries of small organic molecules that tend to cluster at such regions. FTMAP, a direct computational analog of the experimental screening approaches, globally samples the surface of a target protein using small organic molecules(More)
— Our work is motivated by energy minimization of biological macromolecules, an essential step in computational docking. By allowing some ligand flexibility, we generalize a recently introduced novel representation of rigid body minimization as an optimization on the SO(3) × R 3 manifold, rather than on the commonly used Special Euclidean group SE(3). We(More)
Energy evaluation using fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) enables sampling billions of putative complex structures and hence revolutionized rigid protein-protein docking. However, in current methods, efficient acceleration is achieved only in either the translational or the rotational subspace. Developing an efficient and accurate docking method that expands(More)
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