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SYNOPSIS. This symposium undertakes to examine some historical background relevant to the renaissance in biological studies linking evolution and development, to review the current status of research in this rapidly changing area (especially the problem of forging links between disciplines that have gone in divergent directions), to address the benefits and(More)
The heart and the kidneys share responsibility for maintaining hemodynamic stability and end-organ perfusion. Connections between these organs ensure that subtle physiologic changes in one system are tempered by compensation in the other through a variety of pathways and mediators. In the setting of underlying heart disease or chronic kidney disease, the(More)
TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Coupled conductivity and temperature sensors with instrument based algorithms for estimation of salinity APPLICATION: In situ estimates of salinity for coastal moored and profiled deployments NOTICE: ACT verifications are based on an evaluation of technology performance under specific, agreed-upon protocols, criteria, and quality assurance(More)
  • Todd Perbix, Skilling Ward, +9 authors Cad Manager
  • 1999
Disclaimer The information in the Home Earthquake Retrofit Information Series is based on current home earthquake retrofit practice and standards for the retrofit of existing buildings. Practice and standards may change as new information is learned. No guarantee is made that the use of the information in the series will prevent all losses in all(More)
Modern economics proceeds under the assumption that, when informed by objective probabilities, economic agents (households, firms, policy-makers) tend to make rational, objective predictions of random variables like income, usually via the mean value prediction rule. Mean value is revered by econometricians, due to its centuries-old status as " mathematical(More)
This paper is about a very complicated and multifaceted issue of corruption. The main purpose of this paper is to find the impact of development indicators which are political stability and violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, voice and accountability on the control of corruption in Afghanistan. Furthermore we are interested(More)
Previous findings of economic literature pointed out that there is significant correlation between corruption and trade. However, this study was based on under developing countries. The model used in this study is similar to the model used by Wanjala and Pierre's gravity model but with few changes in the model. This study develops and estimates the(More)
We test for reduced rank in the U.S. bond and stock markets, using a standard score method and a new generalized Wald method which is insensitive to the choice and ordering of reference equations. Both methods are easily modified to accommodate robustness to autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity. With the aid of these tests we find that bonds with(More)
We examine the role of nontraded goods in the city real exchange rate changes in India. Using the Mean Squared Error (MSE) decomposition we …nd that nontraded goods explain about 30% of the variation of the Indian city real exchange rate changes, rather than the small amount found in other crosscountry studies. We also analyze the role of consumption(More)