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2Kari Teramo
2Victoria Snegovskikh
2Hilkka Puttonen
2Mikko Hallman
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Two different machine-learning algorithms have been used to predict the blood-brain barrier permeability of different classes of molecules, to develop a method to predict the ability of drug compounds to penetrate the CNS. The first algorithm is based on a multilayer perceptron neural network and the second algorithm uses a support vector machine. Both(More)
Coordination of fetal maturation with birth timing is essential for mammalian reproduction. In humans, preterm birth is a disorder of profound global health significance. The signals initiating parturition in humans have remained elusive, due to divergence in physiological mechanisms between humans and model organisms typically studied. Because of(More)
BACKGROUND The onset of birth in humans, like other apes, differs from non-primate mammals in its endocrine physiology. We hypothesize that higher primate-specific gene evolution may lead to these differences and target genes involved in human preterm birth, an area of global health significance. METHODS We performed a comparative genomics screen of(More)
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