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Separating singing voices from music accompaniment is an important task in many applications, such as music information retrieval, lyric recognition and alignment. Music accompaniment can be assumed to be in a low-rank subspace, because of its repetition structure; on the other hand, singing voices can be regarded as relatively sparse within songs. In this(More)
This paper proposes learning algorithms for the problem of multimodal document classification. Specifically, we develop classifiers that automatically assign documents to categories by exploiting features from both text as well as image content. In particular, we use meta-classifiers that combine state-of-the-art text and image based classifiers into making(More)
Traditional compression techniques optimize signal fidelity under a bit rate constraint. However, signals are often not only reconstructed for human evaluation purposes but also analyzed by machines. This paper introduces a two-part predictive (2PP) coding architecture intended for signal compression with the dual purposes of preserving signal fidelity and(More)
We propose a heterogeneous information network mining algorithm: feature-enhanced Rank Class (F-Rank Class). F-Rank Class extends Rank Class to a unified classification framework that can be applied to binary or multiclass classification of unimodal or multimodal data. We experimented on a multimodal document dataset, 2008/9 Wikipedia Selection for Schools.(More)
Songs are representation of audio signal and musical instruments. An audio signal separation system should be able to identify different audio signals such as speech, background noise and music. In a song the singing voice provides useful information regarding pitch range, music content, music tempo and rhythm. An automatic singing voice separation system(More)
I. Introduction HE based contrast enhancement is achieved through the redistribution of intensity values. The resultant contrast enhanced image provides feature extraction in computer vision system. Histogram modification based techniques are the most popular techniques to achieve better contrast enhancement [1]. HE is one of the commonly used algorithms(More)
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