Scott D. Telford

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Variation among populations in extrinsic mortality schedules selects for different patterns of investment in key life-history traits. We compared life-history phenotypes among 12 populations of the live-bearing fish Brachyrhaphis episcopi. Five populations co-occurred with predatory fish large enough to prey upon adults, while the other seven populations(More)
Java has yet to make a significant impact in the field of traditional scientific computing. However, there are a number of reasons why it may do so in the near future. Perhaps the most obvious benefits are those of portability and ease of software engineering. The former will be particularly important when grid computing comes of age, as a user may not know(More)
In October of 1997, a year-long collaborative project was started between Hitachi Europe Limited (HEL) and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh. This project had the goal of producing an environment whereby Java programs may be executed on the Hitachi SR2201 distributed memory multi-processor machine. The two key(More)
The x-ray streak camera and x-ray framing camera for the National Ignition Facility were redesigned to improve electromagnetic pulse hardening, protect high voltage circuits from pressure transients, and maximize the use of common parts and operational software. Both instruments use the same PC104 based controller, interface, power supply, charge coupled(More)
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