Scott D. Sudhoff

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Real-time approximators for continuous-time dynamical systems with many inputs are presented. These approximators employ a novel self-organizing radial basis function (RBF) network, which varies its structure dynamically to keep the prescribed approximation accuracy. The RBFs can be added or removed online in order to achieve the appropriate network(More)
Power electronics based power distribution systems (PEDSs) are becoming increasingly common, particularly in marine and aerospace applications. Stability analysis of this class of systems is crucial due to the potential for negative impedance instability. Existing techniques of stability analysis introduce artificial conservativeness, are sensitive to(More)
—Microgrid power systems are becoming increasingly common in a host of applications. In this work, the mitigation of the adverse affects of pulsed-power loads on these systems is considered. In microgrid power systems, pulsed loads are particularly problematic since the total system inertia is finite. Examples include ships and aircraft with high-power(More)
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