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We investigate solutions to the minimal surface problem with Dirichlet boundary conditions in the roto-translation group equipped with a subRiemannian metric. By work of G. Citti and A. Sarti, such solutions are amodal completions of occluded visual data when using a model of the first layer of the visual cortex. Using a characterization of smooth minimal(More)
We introduce a family of new centralities, the k-spectral centralities. k-spectral centrality is a measurement of importance with respect to the deformation of the graph Laplacian associated with the graph. Due to this connection, k-spectral centralities have various interpretations in terms of spectrally determined information. We explore this centrality(More)
A master brain clock, localized to the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), coordinates daily rhythms of physiology and behavior. Within the SCN, interconnected individual neurons are oscillators that, as an ensemble, function to send a coherent timing signal to the brain and body. However, individually, these neurons display different amplitudes,(More)
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