Scott D. Miller

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The net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide was measured by eddy covariance methods for 3 years in two old-growth forest sites near Santarém, Brazil. Carbon was lost in the wet season and gained in the dry season, which was opposite to the seasonal cycles of both tree growth and model predictions. The 3-year average carbon loss was 1.3 (confidence(More)
Echo threshold variability has previously been examined using stimuli that are carefully controlled and artificial (e.g., clicks and noise bursts), while studies using speech stimuli have only reported average thresholds. To begin to understand how echo thresholds might vary among speech sounds, four syllables were selected in pairs that contrasted(More)
A. Site Description We made biometric observations and eddy covariance measurements at two sites in the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós): near Km 67 (54°58'W, 2°51'S) and Km 83 (54°56'W, 3°3'S) of the Santarém-Cuiabá highway (BR-163), which runs along the eastern edge of the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós). The FLONA Tapajós is located on the(More)
Software Cybernetics explores the interplay between software and control. Though the concepts of software and cybernetics are well known when considered in isolation, the definition and scope of Software Cybernetics is sometimes blurred due to its novelty. A definition of Software Cybernetics and the delineation of its scope are the major goals of this(More)
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