Scott D. Lifchez

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Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is a rare postoperative complication of plastic surgery of the breast. Initial signs and symptoms resemble those of infection, and antimicrobial therapy is usually initiated and fails before considering PG as a diagnosis. Therapy consists of immune modulators, and use of corticosteroids is frequent, as is local wound care.(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of surgical skills in the operating room remains a challenge. Increasing documentation requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education are necessitating mechanisms to document trainee competence without hindering operative turnover. The authors created a comprehensive electronic resource to facilitate plastic(More)
AIM To characterise the normal motion pattern of the pisotriquetral (PT) joint during wrist extension and flexion, as well as observer performance of measurements using four-dimensional (4D)-computed tomography (CT) acquisitions and double-oblique multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) technique in asymptomatic contralateral joints of patients with unilateral(More)
Using four-dimensional CT scan (4DCT), we aimed at showing the kinematics of scapholunate (SL) interval in asymptomatic wrists in comparison with symptomatic contralateral wrists with inconclusive radiographic findings. This is an IRB approved, HIPPA compliant, retrospective study. Patients suspected of SL interosseous ligament (SLIL) injuries were referred(More)
BACKGROUND The child with Möbius syndrome presenting for facial reanimation presents a difficult challenge. When bilateral paralysis and paresis preclude use of the contralateral facial nerve, the authors' preferred donor nerve for reinnervation of free muscle transfer is a branch of the trigeminal nerve, the ipsilateral nerve to the masseter. METHODS The(More)
A functional muscle free flap with multiple muscle segments that could be oriented independently to produce different force vectors would be beneficial in facial reanimation and upper extremity reconstruction. The serratus anterior muscle has this potential because two or more individual muscle slips can be transferred on a single vascular pedicle. Although(More)
Levels of immunoreactive ICAM-1 in rat lung were followed during the kinetic development of acute oleic acid-induced lung injury in the rat by the ELISA assay. Significant increases in ICAM-1 immunoreactivity were found on rat lung membranes within 30 min of oleic acid injection. The increased immunoreactive ICAM-1 persisted for the duration of the study (4(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the association between the Hirsch index (a measure of publications and citations) and academic rank among hand surgeons. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study of full-time academic hand surgeons within Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-approved hand surgery fellowship programs in the United States and Canada. The(More)
PURPOSE To understand the ethical and professional implications of physician behavior changes secondary to online physician-rating Web sites (PRWs). METHODS The American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) Ethics and Professionalism Committee surveyed the ASSH membership regarding PRWs. We sent a 14-item questionnaire to 2,664 active ASSH members who(More)