Scott D. Hobson

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Central to the replication of poliovirus and other positive-strand RNA viruses is the virally encoded RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Previous biochemical studies have suggested that direct polymerase- polymerase interactions might be important for polymerase function, and the structure of poliovirus polymerase has revealed two regions of extensive(More)
Determinants of temperature sensitivity and/or attenuation in Sabin type 1 poliovirus reside in the 5' NTR and coding sequences of the capsid proteins and viral RNA polymerase, 3D(pol). Previous studies have implicated at least two mutations in 3D(pol) of Sabin 1 vaccine strain [PV1(S)], including a Y73H change, as contributing to these phenotypes. We have(More)
PDZ domains are small globular domains that recognize the last 4–7 amino acids at the C-terminus of target proteins. The specificity of the PDZ–ligand recognition is due to side chain–side chain interactions, as well as the positioning of an α-helix involved in ligand binding. We have used computer-aided protein design to produce mutant versions of a Class(More)
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