Scott Cruickshank

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BACKGROUND The epidermal growth factor receptor variant III deletion mutation, EGFRvIII, is expressed in ∼30% of primary glioblastoma and linked to poor long-term survival. Rindopepimut consists of the unique EGFRvIII peptide sequence conjugated to keyhole limpet hemocyanin. In previous phase II trials (ACTIVATE/ACT II), rindopepimut was well tolerated with(More)
We tested the hypothesis that oral beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP) would control gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in patients with anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea. Patients were randomized to prednisone for 10 days and either oral BDP 8 mg/d (n = 62) or placebo (n = 67) tablets for 50 days. At study day 10, prednisone was rapidly tapered(More)
1. The gastropod mollusc Lymnaea stagnalis (L.) is an ideal model system for studies on anaesthesia. It is reversibly anaesthetized by the general anaesthetics halothane, enflurane and isoflurane. 2. Criteria for "anaesthesia" in Lymnaea were established. The reflex used in ED50 trials was the whole animal withdrawal reflex. 3. ED50 values for halothane,(More)
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