Scott Collyer

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A detection method for testosterone administration was developed using radioimmunoassay to measure the urinary ratios of testosterone (T) to epitestosterone (E) and to luteinizing hormone (LH). A comparative study of the effect on these ratios of a single intramuscular injection of testosterone heptanoate followed by stimulation with human chorionic(More)
In microgrids that are predominantly resistive, real and reactive power can be controlled by implementation of voltage and frequency droop laws respectively. However, the variable frequency displayed by such a system complicates analysis such that design approaches rely on approximations and linearized models. In this work, we present a modified form of(More)
We propose Powernet as an end-to-end open source technology for economically efficient, scalable and secure coordination of grid resources. It offers integrated hardware and software solutions that are judiciously divided between local embedded sensing, computing and control, which are networked with cloud-based high-level coordination for real-time optimal(More)
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