Scott Colby

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The global increase in surface air temperature has produced an overall lengthening of the growing season by 3–5 days/decade in the Northern Hemisphere during the last 30 years. The direct impact of a longer growing season has not been well documented for Sphagnum moss communities in the Arctic. We hypothesized that an increase in the growing season length(More)
Agricultural production is subject to supply risk. Expected and realized farm outputs and output prices are unknown and unobservable when inputs are chosen. Crop and livestock production decisions are linked over time. Producers' expectations are particularly difficult to model. This paper presents the necessary and sufficient condition to allow input(More)
This paper places the modern spread of diet-related chronic disease in the United States within the context of more than a century of innovation in food processing technology, discovery in nutrition science, and corrective policy measures aimed at improving public health. We ask whether the current state of affairs represents a market failure, and–if(More)
In many ways, the modern market for food exemplifies the economist's conception of perfect competition, with many buyers, many sellers, and a robust and dynamic marketplace. But over the course of the last century, the U.S. has witnessed a dramatic shift away from traditional diets and toward a diet comprised primarily of processed brand-name foods with(More)
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