Scott Chambers

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of teriflunomide on the efficacy and safety of seasonal influenza vaccine. METHODS The 2011/2012 seasonal influenza vaccine (containing H1N1, H3N2, and B strains) was administered to patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (RMS) treated for ≥6 months with teriflunomide 7 mg (n = 41) or 14 mg (n = 41), or(More)
In this paper we will show that it is possible to generate the roots of monic polynomials with computable real coeecients as computable complex numbers. A result from constructive analysis has already shown that the roots are computable numbers; however, because the proof is non-constructive it does not provide an eeective method for ÿnding the roots. In(More)
Cochlear implant recipients show improved speech perception and music appreciation when residual acoustic hearing is combined with the cochlear implant. However, up to one third of patients lose their pre-operative residual hearing weeks to months after implantation, for reasons that are not well understood. This study tested whether this "delayed" hearing(More)
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