Scott Chamberlain

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All species are hierarchically related to one another, and we use taxonomic names to label the nodes in this hierarchy. Taxonomic data is becoming increasingly available on the web, but scientists need a way to access it in a programmatic fashion that's easy and reproducible. We have developed taxize, an open-source software package (freely available from(More)
1. NeXML is a powerful and extensible exchange standard recently proposed to better meet the expanding needs for phylogenetic data and metadata sharing. Here we present the RNeXML package, which provides users of the R programming language with easy-to-use tools for reading and writing NeXML documents, including rich metadata, in a way that interfaces(More)
Proficiency in mathematics and statistics is essential to modern ecological science, yet few studies have assessed the level of quantitative training received by ecologists. To do so, we conducted an online survey. The 937 respondents were mostly early-career scientists who studied biology as undergraduates. We found a clear self-perceived lack of(More)
Historically, the Integrated Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton campus, has been located in the Engineering and Computer Science building on campus. This was the group that initially required technology support, yet now requires our support services the least. About a year and a half ago University of New(More)
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