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The telecommunications environment is evolving into next generation networks (NGN). On an NGN, telecommunications services are recreated on IP networks, this creates a demand on standardization bodies to adapt and meet the needs of these emerging networks. Securing the service environment for eBusiness and the underlying network are crucial areas cited in(More)
The rapid technological evolution, which is characterizing all the disciplines involved within the wide concept of smart cities, becomes a key factor to trigger true user-driven innovation. In this context 3D city models will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives and become an essential part of the modern city information infrastructure(More)
Humans design, operate and are the net beneficiaries of most systems. However humans are fallible and make mistakes. At the samet ime humans are adaptable and resourceful in both designing systems and correcting them when they go wrong. These characteristics mean that humans can be both the strongest and the weakest link in system security. The aim of this(More)
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