Scott C. Virgil

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Poly(tert-butyl ester norbornene imide) homopolymers and poly(tert-butyl ester norbornene imide-b-N-methyloxanorbornene imide) copolymers were prepared by pulsed-addition ring-opening metathesis polymerization (PA-ROMP). PA-ROMP is a unique polymerization method that employs a symmetrical cis-olefin chain transfer agent (CTA) to simultaneously cap a living(More)
An efficient, unified, and stereodivergent approach toward communesin F and perophoramidine was examined. The C(3) all-carbon quaternary center of an oxindole was smoothly constructed by base-promoted indolone-malonate alkylation chemistry. The complementary relative stereochemistry of the crucial vicinal quaternary centers found in communesin F and(More)
Herein an efficient and direct copper-catalyzed coupling of oxazoline-containing aryl bromides with electron-deficient secondary phosphine oxides is reported. The resulting tertiary phosphine oxides can be reduced to prepare a range of PHOX ligands. The presented strategy is a useful alternative to known methods for constructing PHOX derivatives.
Pd-catalyzed enantioselective alkylation in conjunction with further synthetic elaboration enables the formal total syntheses of a number of "classic" natural product target molecules. This publication highlights recent methods for setting quaternary and tetrasubstituted tertiary carbon stereocenters to address the synthetic hurdles encountered over many(More)
The catalytic enantioselective synthesis of densely functionalised organic molecules containing all-carbon quaternary stereocentres is a challenge to modern chemical methodology research. The catalytically controlled asymmetric alpha-alkylation of ketones represents another difficult task and has been of major interest to our and other research groups in(More)
The enantioselective synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles (N-heterocycles) represents a substantial chemical research effort and resonates across numerous disciplines, including the total synthesis of natural products and medicinal chemistry. In this Article, we describe the highly enantioselective palladium-catalysed decarboxylative allylic(More)
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