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The RNA exosome processes and degrades RNAs in archaeal and eukaryotic cells. Exosomes from yeast and humans contain two active exoribonuclease components, Rrp6p and Dis3p/Rrp44p. Rrp6p is concentrated in the nucleus and the dependence of its function on the nine-subunit core exosome and Dis3p remains unclear. We found that cells lacking Rrp6p accumulate(More)
What is so unique about using the World Wide Web'? Or, is there anything unique about web use? This panel is designed to explore-though not necessarily answer-the question " is the web really different from everything else? " Keywords World Wide Web, User Experience, Design TOPIC The World Wide Web continues to attract attention and dollars unlike any new(More)
The interaction between an imposed shear flow and an order--disorder transition underlies a broad range of phenomena. Under the influence of shear flow, a variety of soft matter is observed to spontaneously form bands characterized by different local order---for example, thermotropic liquid crystals subjected to shear flow exhibit rich phase behaviour. The(More)
Bacteria have evolved mechanisms that allow them to survive in the face of a variety of stresses including nutrient deprivation, antibiotic challenge and engulfment by predator cells. A switch to dormancy represents one strategy that reduces energy utilization and can render cells resistant to compounds that kill growing bacteria. These persister cells pose(More)
Most pathogenic, non-O1/non-O139 serogroup Vibrio cholerae strains cause diarrheal disease in the absence of cholera toxin. Instead, many use Type 3 Secretion System (T3SS) mediated mechanisms to disrupt host cell homeostasis. We identified a T3SS effector protein, VopX, which is translocated into mammalian cells during in vitro co-culture. In a S.(More)
  • Manish Pandey, Randal E Bryant Chair, Allan L Fisher, Rob A Rutenbar, Richard Raimi, Motorola +22 others
  • 1997
Veriication of memory arrays is an important part of processor veriication. Memory arrays include circuits such as on-chip caches, cache tags, register les, and branch prediction buuers having memory cores embedded within complex logic. Such arrays cover large areas of the chip and are critical to the functionality and performance of the system. Hence,(More)
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