Scott Butler

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Developing a complex software system involves decisions about how to allocate a limited resource budget among a collection of costly software alternatives (such as technologies or analysis techniques) that have uncertain future benefits. Very little quantitative guidance is currently available to make these decisions. We suggest that these allocation(More)
The degree to which foraging and vigilance are mutually exclusive is crucial to understanding the management of the predation and starvation risk trade-off in animals. We tested whether wild-caught captive chaffinches that feed at a higher rate do so at the expense of their speed in responding to a model sparrowhawk flying nearby, and whether consistently(More)
What is so unique about using the World Wide Web'? Or, is there anything unique about web use? This panel is designed to explore-though not necessarily answer-the question " is the web really different from everything else? " Keywords World Wide Web, User Experience, Design TOPIC The World Wide Web continues to attract attention and dollars unlike any new(More)
The interaction between an imposed shear flow and an order--disorder transition underlies a broad range of phenomena. Under the influence of shear flow, a variety of soft matter is observed to spontaneously form bands characterized by different local order---for example, thermotropic liquid crystals subjected to shear flow exhibit rich phase behaviour. The(More)
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