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Systematic, well-designed research provides the most effective approach to the solution of many problems facing highway administrators and engineers. Often, highway problems are of local interest and can best be studied by highway departments individually or in cooperation with their state universities and others. However, the accelerating growth of highway(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to develop consensus recommendations on safety parameters for mobilizing adult, mechanically ventilated, intensive care unit (ICU) patients. METHODS A systematic literature review was followed by a meeting of 23 multidisciplinary ICU experts to seek consensus regarding the safe mobilization of mechanically ventilated(More)
The paper has many purposes. They are: (1) to review the definition and selection of an exposure base and to clarify the distinction between the exposure base and variables which are used in classification: (2) to review the exposure bases currently in use for manually rated risks, and to note how the manual exposure base becomes less important as the risk(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative anxiety and physical unfitness have been shown to have adverse effects on recovery from cardiac surgery. This study involving cardiac surgery patients was primarily aimed at assessing the feasibility of delivering physical conditioning and stress reduction programs within the public hospital setting. Secondary aims were to evaluate(More)
Compared to its 2D counterpart, the selective 1D NOESY experiment offers greatly simplified spectral interpretation and is invaluable to the structure elucidation of small-to-medium sized molecules, although its application is limited to well-resolved resonances only. The doubly selective 1D TOCSY-NOESY experiment allows the 1D NOESY experiment to be(More)
We describe intelligent information technologies designed to <i>automatically</i> provide both journalists and ordinary newsreaders with a broad range of the contextual information they need in order to better understand news stories, presented in an immediate and compelling fashion. These systems automatically identify, select, and present appropriate(More)
INTRODUCTION Sensory neuronopathy (SNN) mimics distal sensory axonopathy. The conventional H-reflex elicited by tibial nerve stimulation (tibial H-reflex) is usually abnormal in both conditions. We evaluated the proximally evoked soleus H-reflex in response to S1 nerve root stimulation (S1 foramen H-reflex) in SNN. METHODS Eleven patients with SNN and 6(More)
Journalists often localize news stories that are not explicitly about the community they serve by investigating and describing how those stories affect that community. This is, in essence, a form of personalization based not on a reader's personal interests, but rather on their ties to a geographic location. In this paper we present The Local Angle, an(More)