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The Better Angels of Our Nature: How the Antiprejudice Norm Affects Policy and Party Preferences in Great Britain and Germany
Existing research on public opinion related to race and immigration politics emphasizes the role of prejudice or bias against minority groups. We argue that the social norm against prejudice, andExpand
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Imagined Immigration: The Impact of Different Meanings of ‘Immigrants’ in Public Opinion and Policy Debates in Britain
Public opinion research on immigration attitudes has largely overlooked the question of how survey respondents understand the term ‘immigrants’. This article investigates latent perceptions ofExpand
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Constructing Immigrants: Portrayals of Migrant Groups in British National Newspapers, 2010–2012 1
Public opposition to immigration in Britain reflects perceptions of immigrants that focus disproportionately on “illegal” immigration and asylum seekers, rather than more numerous workers, students,Expand
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The Anti‐Racism Norm in Western European Immigration Politics: Why we Need to Consider it and How to Measure it
Abstract In this article, we propose a new research agenda aimed at improving theoretical and empirical models of immigration politics in Western Europe. In short, we argue for explicitly taking intoExpand
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Dissonance Persists
Attitudes toward race and politics continue to show tensions between antiracist norms and racist stereotypes, even among new generations of White Americans raised in an era of consensus on antiracistExpand
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Numbers and Waves, the Illegal and the Skilled: The Effects of Media Portrayals of Immigrants on Public Opinion in Britain
Public opinion often diverges widely from reality on the size and makeup of immigrant populations but prior research has not established whether the media has any causal role in the construction ofExpand
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Roots of group threat: anti-prejudice motivations and implicit bias in perceptions of immigrants as threats
ABSTRACT The perception of “group threat” is well known to predict opposition to immigration and negative attitudes toward ethnic minorities in Europe. However, the relationship between group threatExpand
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Media Independence through Routine Press-State Relations: Immigration and Government Statistics in the British Press
When and how does press coverage maintain independence from governments’ preferred language? Leading scholarship argues that elites shape media content, especially in foreign affairs settings whereExpand
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