Scott Bingley

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As a unique type of community-based organisation (CBO), local sporting clubs are typically run by volunteers who regularly carry out the playing, coaching and administrative roles that keep them functioning. Through a case study involving a New Zealand hockey association, this article examines the extent to which sporting clubs use Internet applications by(More)
Sport at a local, or social level, requires volunteers to support the needs of sporting associations and their participating clubs. Research has shown that volunteers and associations are starting to adopt the Internet to assist in the administration of their clubs and their association. This study uses Rogers' Innovation-decision process as a framework to(More)
A simple definition of a portal describes it simply as a gateway, and a Web portal as a gateway to a corporate intranet or to the Internet. In this paper we will compare a number of differing views of what constitutes a portal, and offer a definition of our own. There are also several different categorisations used to describe the various types of portal.(More)
Local sporting clubs rely heavily on volunteers to run and manage their everyday activities. Some clubs are turning to Internet technologies, such as club websites, to assist them in carrying out these functions. However, little is known about the effect that the adoption of these websites has on these clubs. Community organisations such as sporting clubs(More)
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