Scott Beatson

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Clinical isolates of Photorhabdus asymbiotica have been recovered from patients in both the United States of America and Australia, and the full sequence of P. asymbiotica ATCC43949 from the United States has been reported recently. In contrast to other bacteria in the genus that only infect insects, P. asymbiotica strains are able to infect both insects(More)
Drosophila serrata is a member of the montium group, which contains more than 98 species and until recently was considered a subgroup within the melanogaster group. This Drosophila species is an emerging model system for evolutionary quantitative genetics and has been used in studies of species borders, clinal variation and sexual selection. Despite the(More)
In spite of vaccination programmes, whooping cough epidemics continue to occur. The disease affects all age groups, although its severity is greatest in the young, with infants being particularly vulnerable. Erythromycin is generally accepted as the drug of choice both for treatment and for prophylaxis during epidemics. Roxithromycin is a macrolide with(More)
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