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Background A military aircraft in a hostile environment may need to use radar jamming in order to avoid being detected or engaged by the enemy. Effective jamming can require knowledge of the number and type of enemy radars; however, the radar receiver on the aircraft will observe a single stream of pulses from all radar emitters combined. It is advantageous(More)
DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Abstract RF emitters can be tracked through their electromagnetic energy transmissions by passive direction finding systems. These systems have many applications, including aircraft tracking, radio navigation and emergency aid. Our sponsor, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, has an(More)
ICED (Incremental Clustering of Evolving Data) is a novel incremental clustering algorithm designed for data whose characteristics change over time. ICED is an unsupervised clustering technique that assumes no prior knowledge of the incoming data, and supports removing clusters that contain stale data. The user controls the FPGA implementation through a(More)
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