Scott B. Nokleby

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—The force-moment capabilities of redundantly-actuated planar-parallel manipulator (PPM) architectures are investigated. A previously developed explicit methodology for generating the force-moment capabilities of redundantly-actuated PPMs is used on three different ar-chitectures. The results for the 3-RRR, 3-RPR, 3-PRR layouts , where the underline denotes(More)
A distributed variant of multi-objective particle swarm optimization called multi-objective parallel asyn-chronous particle swarm optimization (MOPAPSO) was used to develop a new optimization-based synthesis routine for Grashof mechanisms. By using a formal multi-objective handling scheme based on Pareto dominance criteria, the need to pre-weight competing(More)
This paper presents a method of using an improved version of the Max-Min Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm for use in dynamic global robot path planning. A modified Bug2 algorithm was used to determine the initial best path on a map. After running the Max-Min ACO algorithm to find the optimal path, the path was checked to see if it crossed any(More)