Scott B. Brown

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BACKGROUND In 2015, five randomised trials showed efficacy of endovascular thrombectomy over standard medical care in patients with acute ischaemic stroke caused by occlusion of arteries of the proximal anterior circulation. In this meta-analysis we, the trial investigators, aimed to pool individual patient data from these trials to address remaining(More)
The purpose of this two part study was to better characterize cocaine users based on self-reported cocaine withdrawal symptoms by examining screening data and response to smoked cocaine in the human laboratory. The first study sample included male and female non-treatment seeking cocaine users who were screened as potential subjects for inpatient studies.(More)
Research highlights x We present a novel approach to testing, evaluating, and playing with rules for walking behavior in agent-based simulation, using an extensible framework for model development that allows for a variety of heuristics, algorithms, and approached to be experimented with in simulation, and a set of metrics that allow relative movement to be(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the reliability of "make test" (MT) and "break test" (BT) of hip abduction using hand-held dynamometry. DESIGN A repeated measures reliability assessment design for the estimation of inter-rater reliability, in which pairs of testers rated each subject in a 2/3 fractional factorial was used. Both tests ("BT" and "MT") were(More)
The era of precision medicine has arrived and conveys tremendous potential, particularly for stroke neurology. The diagnosis of stroke, its underlying aetiology, theranostic strategies, recurrence risk and path to recovery are populated by a series of highly individualised questions. Moreover, the phenotypic complexity of a clinical diagnosis of stroke(More)
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